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Kerela is one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in India. Couples seek a peaceful and romantic place to make their honeymoon memorable. If it is their first vacation together, then they need to spend some quality time together and make it worthwhile. Green valleys, beaches, waterfalls make it the best honeymoon destination.

Kerela has many places that are considered as the best honeymoon destinations individually. You will need more than a week to make the most out of your honeymoon trip. People underestimate the charisma of nature and plan for their honeymoon in foreign lands. Kerela has tons of sightseeing places for couples. It is peaceful and the nature adds up to the grandeur of the place. There are some must-visit places that should definitely make their way to your wish list. Find here 5 Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala to experience the romantic vacation :

1. Wayanad

Chembra peak is the highest peak in Wayanad district in Kerela. The place is peaceful and soothing on its own but to add up to its beauty, there is a heart-shaped lake amidst the hike to the top. It makes the best spot for honeymoon couples in Kerela. This place will leave an impression of love on the couples going there.

Chembra Peak Wayanad

2. Athirapally

Waterfalls in Athirappilly are another gem of Kerela. Waterfalls are always mesmerizing but to your surprise, there are treehouses facing the waterfall in Athirappilly. These treehouse resorts give you a spectacular view of the waterfalls. Forests around the waterfall make it look like the water is pouring in the forest itself. You can sit lazily in the lawns of your resort and embrace the sunset as the sun dives deep in the mountains. This place gives privacy and peace of mind while the couples appreciate the beautiful art of nature.

Athirapally Waterfalls Kerala

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3. Munnar

In the district of Munnar, there are various attractions, but the most magnificent of them all is the view of tea gardens. It might sound odd to most of you, like how can tea gardens be magnificent? But you will be astonished by the valleys of green mountains covered with tea plantations as far as the eye could see. The mild fragrance of tea in the air makes it a place to drool over. Each and every picture clicked in those valleys will make it to your favorites undoubtedly.

Munnar Kerala

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4. Kumarakom

As you move further to Kumarakom, you will be awestruck by the houseboat cruise there. While moving through the calm waters of the streams there, you can enjoy the views of greenery on the coasts covered with coconut groves. These cruises are well designed and you can book a houseboat to glide through the waters embracing each other’s company. This place gives out a romantic vibe, making it a must-visit for couples.

Kumarakom Backwaters

5. Kovalam

There are beaches all over Kerela but nothing beats the beauty of Rocky shores of Kovalam. Calm waters of this beach make it ideal for bathing. One sight of the place will make you fall in love with it. Rocky shores, greenery, and the lighthouse make it one of the most beautiful sights in Kerela. The beautiful sunsets of this place will make your heart swoon. Resorts on the beaches are known for world-class dining and the place has much more to offer like sunbathing, swimming, massages and so on.

Kovalam Beach Kerala

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6. Poovar

A honeymoon can never be perfect without a unique place to stay. Floating cottages in Poovar are the best gift you could get from Kerela. The golden sand, backwaters, coconut palms and the houses floating as the boats pass makes it magical in its own way. The beauty of this is unparalleled and can never be forgotten.

Poovar Floating Cottages

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There are numerous places in Kerala than can make you speechless and make you glad that you choose Kerala over any other place. This land is the “land of the gods”. That states why it is blessed with immense beauty and nature. Kerela can bestow you with an unforgettable experience with your partner.        


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