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Lanterns, crackers, colours, and food are our all-time favourites when it comes to the beginning of a year. Well, it’s time to widen up our world a bit with eye-catching sceneries, fresh air, different cuisines, and whatnot.

Here are 14 exciting places to spend your New Year’s Eve to take you to ultimate peace.


goa 1Being the party hub of India, you can never go wrong with this option. A perfect calming view at the Palolem beach and boozing over New Year’s Eve could be a big memoir to hold on to.

New Delhi


The capital city offers Mughalai food and a splendid visual treat to our eyes with India Gate lightning up on the new year. Buy things at a cheaper rate and open your new year fully satisfied.

Varkala Cliff

varkala cliffVibing on the shore of Varkala Beach and spending your time on the Cliff will take you to another level of happiness. Go for the parties and enjoy the beauty of Varkala.

Aravalli Range

aravalli rangeIf you are looking to open your new year by spending time in the lap of nature then no doubt, climb up those Aravalli Hills. The pleasure of being at the top and experiencing the new chances, and joy that is yet to come in life will enrich your mind. Just pack your bag and leave for Rajasthan.


puducherryNo regrets about this option if you are a party animal. Go on and visit this handy union territory of India. You can get anything and everything you want to boost up your energy to perform all night.


eranakulamUp for some late-night parties and gossip? There is no place than Eranakulam to have the best New Year’s Eve on a budget. Try the Kerala food and chill by the coast of the Arabian Sea.



Spending your Eve on the outskirts of Jammu and Kashmir can take you to paradise on earth. That cold sensation and nourished feeling of your inner self can take place in this place.



The fascinating Mumbai city would welcome you with love and great food to lighten up your New Year. Head out to the wide range of pubs and streets to keep pace with the city.
Wanna get some cosy fun nights to replenish your soul? Then Mumbai is the perfect destination for that. Crackers, lights, and all special fun zones in one place, that’s Mumbai. Gear up and go to Mumbai without any hesitation for a splendid new year.


shimla 1

Yet another eye-catching and beautiful place to calm down all your worries and feel the sumptuous air, you better drive to Simla folks. Fantasies can become real in these places. With the mountain range and snow-filled roads, you will never have a chance to think about any other things.


lakshadweepWhat about spending your time in the middle of the sea? Yup! You guessed it right. This is a great destination to start your new year with the Dolphins and corals.


kolkataTo be able to get into the streets and celebrate any occasion takes a bit of courage. So build up the strength and go wild into the streets of Kolkata and explore the tastes of Bengal.


hyderabadTake a turn to Andra and get ready to indulge in the famous Hyderabadi cuisine. Get to know the film city and spend your new year with ultra fun.


chennaiWalking by the show of Marina Beach and letting out all your worries of the past year is what you want. The soothing breeze and New Year’s vibe filling the air of Chennai city will put your mind at ease.


bangaloreLast but not least the city of lights, you can visualise and feel the authentic beauty of the city walking through the streets and chilling in the enlighted air for the new beginning of life would become a much more beautiful memory with Bangalore.

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